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Drew Aces

Self-employed for 16 years, business owner for 5 years. Creative problem solver in web3 since Autumn 2021. Managed the Cardano Caravan and worked with Danketsu & Wizard Tim in 2022, in addition to solo collections.

Coaching & consultations available upon request

Team Member

Cardano Carnival

August 2022 - Current:

Core Team Member

NFT Project on the Cardano blockchain. Season 2 minting now!

Krime Fyter Music Collective

November 2022 - Current:

Manager & Marketing

EDM & Hip Hop rappers, programmers & engineers.

Cardano Caravan

June 2022 - October 2022:

Core Team Member

An advertisement-funded venture of enthusiasts marketing blockchain technology across the country through the use of a vinyl-covered RV and featured at 2 separate crypto conventions.

Interlocutor Radio

July 2023 - Current:


I love interviews & music and miss morning radio, so I'm filling the void with this podcast.