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Drew Aces

Self-employed for 16 years, business owner for 5 years. Creative problem solver in web3 since Autumn 2021. Managed the Cardano Caravan and worked with Danketsu & Wizard Tim in 2022, in addition to solo collections.

Coaching & consultations available upon request

Team Member

Cardano Carnival

August 2022 - Current:

Core Team Member

NFT Project on the Cardano blockchain. Season 2 minting now!

Krime Fyter Music Collective

November 2022 - Current:

Manager & Marketing

EDM & Hip Hop rappers, programmers & engineers.

Use this link to register for and start with 500 extra $VSB. It's truly game-changing technology for twitter's spaces platform.

I am passionate about their vision, and the discussions I've had with their team lead me to believe they will succeed in their goals. When the final vision for their tech is available, I believe it will be the biggest and best upgrade to Spaces functionality since the initial implementation.

Ambassador for NFTTalk.Space