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Interlocutor Radio

Join me as I interviews creators, musicians, scientists, engineers, and much more in a morning radio show style format. Explore the eclectic, eccentric minds of the guests, as well as diving into their musical tastes every episode.

Available on YouTube, Spotify, Google Podcasts & Apple Podcasts.

I R Live available through Twitter (X) Spaces and Discord.

Introduction music for Interlocutor Radio graciously provided by Krime Fyter. Listen to the full song at the following links:



Interlocutor Radio Live

Want to be a part of the show?

If you have a topic you want to discuss with the guests of the show, this is the place. Periodically, we will host Interlocutor Radio Live Twitter/X Spaces and Discord voice chats. Sometimes there will be previous guests, other times it might be an impromptu show with no announcement.

There will always be at least a bit of music, and plenty of audience participation.