Shill Someone Else

Twitter Space

Every Friday 10:00-14:00 UTC (6am-10am EST)

Shill Someone Else is a space where speakers can talk about projects they love, and learn to advertise themselves in the process.

It frequently ends up being an international show. We've had guests all over the US, Europe, Dubai, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, and Nigeria.

There may not always be a large crowd, but that allows us to get into deep discussions on the nature of creativity, culture, and motivation. It's not the quantity of the listeners, but the quality of the conversation.

Think of this platform as a sidechain to twitter. It scrapes the data to aggregate how much time people have spent time hosting and speaking in twitter spaces.

In the future, they'll be releasing a discord-style chat room feature for spaces. The technology these ex-Google developers are creating is truly astounding, and potentially game-changing.

Click the button below to gain a bonus 500 $VSB that will have future utility on the platform, including supporting other hosts and being able to download previous space recordings from their website.