Project Manager

On task and on time, only clocking out upon thorough completion.

Cardano Caravan

July - October 2022:

I was responsible for web design, social media, acquiring assets, facilitating token mint, general planning as well as creative problem solving during the 4,000+ mile journey. It was a massive endeavor that took a crew to accomplish.

October 2022 - Current:

Now that the journey is over, our focus has now shifted to editing footage in preparation for the Caravan documenary.

"Shill Someone Else"

May 2022 - Current:

Twitter Space Every Friday

11:00-15:00 UTC (6a-10a EST)

Part live podcast, part advertising education, with morning radio-style rants and philosophical stoic virtues equally thrown in for good measure.

Shill Someone Else is a space where speakers can talk about projects they love, and learn to advertise themselves in the process. This introspection typically leads to deep discussions on the nature of creativity, culture, and motivation.

We've featured impromptu interviews with worldwide guests from Europe, Dubai, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Nigeria, Jamaica, & more.