ADA Aces aren't just art, they're characters. You get to help tell their story.

Have you ever created a character in an RPG or D&D? Remember the smile that crept across your face as you thought of a cool reason to have those stats? Or the laughs had while min-maxing the goofiest player imaginable?

The goal of this project is to give ADA Aces NFT holders the ownership of their idea.

Then, we will bring those ideas together for an interwoven, community-created world to be used in future projects.

Featured as an Editor's pick on C-NFTAgency
ADA Aces available for 34 ADA exclusively through smart contract enabled sales at GenesisHouse.IO
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Keep in mind that this is NOT a generative project. There will be multiple versions of each of the ₳CES, but they will all be posted on the marketplace simultaneously so you can purchase your favorite.


This information on Genesis House is incorrect.

Due to the nature of Genesis House's system, it improperly shows that the collection was not listed by it's creator. When the NFTs were delisted and relisted for a lower price, it registered as a new wallet owner. This is beyond our control, but rest assured, there was no foul play at hand.
If an ADA Aces NFT is listed at 34 ADA, it was listed by me.

Well, I suppose someone might buy one and relist it for the same price, but let's assume no one is foolish enough to do such a thing.