ADA_Aces Generation 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a generative PFP project?

♤ No, all ADA ♤ ₳CES are unique pieces of artwork. Gen1 ₳CES will be for sale with multiple Variants of the same inked character. We hope to be able to post them all simultaneously on the marketplace so you can find your favorite and get the one you want.

So what about rarity?

♤ This project is tackling rarity in a new & unique way. Let's say there's 5 versions of a particular ₳CE. Once all 5 are in wallets, one will be randomly selected to be "Rare." The owner of that Rare ₳CE will then have the opportunity to give that character a name, traits, & backstory.

Those details will then be minted as it's own NFT "Lore Card" and airdropped into the wallet of the Rare ₳CE. It will then be added to our Ace Database on this site & our social media for all to see.

What can I do with a Lore Card?

♤ Right now, it's just so you can flex on your friends. (They'd make a great character if you play D&D-style games.) In the future, we have plans to incorporate this lore into all sorts of cool ideas like new art, games, etc.

Buying: How Much, Policy ID, and Where?

♤ Price is 34 ADA. Each piece is imbued with hours of meticulous detail in physical ink, so we think you'll be pleased with the final products.

♤Policy ID:


♤Where to Purchase:

Can I get them on secondary markets?

♤ Yes, they are verified on JPG.Store

How do I know I won't get rug-pulled? Are you doxxed?

♤ Yes. Initially I decided to perform an "Anonymous Doxx." if you've got 5 minutes, give it a read and get to know my perspective. Later, upon reaching 1000 followers on Twitter, I released my name and photo.

That said, I'm not going anywhere. I want more than anything to find success through my creativity. I've been illustrating for 30 years with no intentions of quitting. ADA_Aces is my brand, and doing damage to that would go against all this hard work. If there's ever a screw up, I intend to take responsibility & action to fix it.

I was actually a victim of the "wrong wallet minting" with ADA Ninjaz. They did an inspiring job of rectifying their situation. In my opinion, owning up to the mistake and correcting it garnered them much-deserved good will, and I will follow their example.