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FaceMisplace is 100 one-of-one NFTs on Cardano.

♤ 34 ADA each

♤ 9 styles of backgrounds, 12 possible eye locations

♤ All 100 "Insanity Sprays" were individually hand-crafted using an embarrassing number of layers

♤ 17% of all mint & secondary residuals will be donated to mental health charities & organizations recommended by the community.

♤ Royalties on FaceMisplace are set to 7% which is slightly higher than the 3-5% standard, but I will continue to donate 17% of any royalties to mental health charity for as long as they exchange owners.

FaceMisplace Origin

Initially, this was just an exercise in digital painting to express some stress I was carrying at the time. A few days went by, and I kept editing it. Soon, I had a handful of images, and more importantly a group of people telling me they could relate to the work.

I later realized that this art wasn't just for me to express pain, stress, and struggle through art. I found others relating to the work and achieving some of the stillness I got from creating the pieces. Thus, the idea for FaceMisplace was born. .